Matthew Alexander Everett mae

Systems and Software

I architect, research, design and develop [software] systems. I have worked mainly in the web development industry, but have experience in multimedia (new media), embeddied controllers, interactive displays/systems, computer animation and system administration.

Architectural samples:
collection of architectural designs for various systems
Display "beginning.exr" "openexr" "rgba"
Format 640 480 1
Projection "perspective" "float fov" [60]
Hider "raytrace" "int maxsamples" [512] 
Integrator "PxrPathTracer" "example"
RenderMan from Scratch /series
RenderMan from Scratch
An ongoing series exploring creation of animations and CGI tools from the ground up using the RenderMan Interface and a heap of programming
A collection of HTML/CSS samples and concepts
if tags[0] == "plugin" {
/* put the name then store the plugin 
   ready for use at the end */
  plugin = value.Interface().(*plugins.Plugin)
  values = append(values, plugin.Name)

/* if parameterlist is populated then 
   apply to the plugin */
  if len(parameterlist) > 0 {
    plugin = plugin.Set(parameterlist...)

collection of various code packages; mainly in golang
RenderMan Interface for golang

Implementation of the RenderMan Interface for the Go programming language.

Over recent years I have created three versions of the library for golang, keeping up with the pace of change with the specification.

The R&D version (very much a minimal implementation with lots of work still to complete) is more ingrain with the golang way of programming.